Counselling Psychologist Brighton & Hove
Dr Clarissa Bartlett (DCPsych)

Recommended Books and Articles

'Living with the Enemy' by Ray Owens

This book is a valuable and accessible resource for people suffering with chronic long-term illnesses. He explains how physical symptoms are interconnected with psychological symptoms and the impact of living with a chronic condition. For example, losing a sense of meaning or purpose in life, feeling like a burden, and a sense of grief and loss. However, it does not have to be like this and Dr Owens provides lots of useful and helpful tools you can easily apply to your everyday life, so that you can live a better despite your long-term condition. The book includes links to downloadable audio exercises and worksheets. It also teaches you how to identify coping strategies that have not been working for you and how you can manage unpleasant thoughts and feelings, so you do not become overwhelmed by these. A highly recommended book!

'The Gift of Therapy' by Irvin Yalom

I have read a few Irvin Yalom books, but this has stood out and continue to inspire clinicians and clients alike. Yalom shares his experience and insights of practicing psychotherapy as a psychiatrist, as well as his own personal journey in therapy as a client. He cares about connecting with his clients and exploring his relationship with them in a transparent and authentic way. It is a readable book and contains fascinating case examples about clients he has worked with, which many people will be able to relate to. On that note, if you are pre-contemplating therapy for yourself, this may be good way to test the waters. This book has experiential depth without being theoretically focussed, and it is a classic read.

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